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Our Repair Services

Below you will find a list of our most common repair services. Everyday we are also contacted by people who have more abstract door and window repairs, and although these aren't listed as one of our services we are able to repair the majority of them. Don't be put off if your problem isn't listed, contact us today and we will do our best to fix your door and window problems for you! 

Replacement locks
Replacement Locks

Has your key snapped in the lock and you need a replacement? Call us today

Window and door mechanisms
Window and Door Mechanisms

Are your door or window locking mechanisms causing you problems?

Window and door
Window and Door Hinges

Are you having difficulty opening or closing your windows or doors?
This could be resolved with a simple service 

Replacement handles

Are your handles broken, colour faded or scratched? Do you simply want to change the colour?  Call us today

Replacement Furniture
Replacement furniture

Want to change your door furniture? Is your letter box broken or you want to change your door knocker? Call us today

Replacement Furniture
Window and door 
Window and Door Maintenance

We cover every aspect of repairs to uPVC and aluminium windows and doors.
This includes bi-folding & patio doors

Misted and broken glass

Is your glass misted, cracked or broken? We can replace this for you within 24 hours

Misted or Broken Glass
Draughty windows

Are you feeling the cold through your windows? This could be resolved with a window service

Draughty Windows
Conservatory repairs and cleaning

Is your conservatory roof in need of a clean? We cover all aspects of repairs from broken gutters to replacement roof panels

Conservatory Repair and Cleaning
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